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Husbandry Services and Courses

We are wife and husband team, Vic and Rich and we have been breeding alpacas since 2016. We are now offering our services to other alpaca keepers or potential owners in the South West. From alpaca husbandry visits to your herd, to alpaca handler help on shearing days, we are at your service! We are also now running Introduction to Alpaca Keeping Courses for potential or new alpaca owners. We are trained in Camelidynamics, efficient handling techniques, and always prioritise the well-being of all alpacas. 

Alpaca Husbandry Services

We can come out to you either as a one-off or on a regular basis and help take care of your alpacas' basics needs.
  • Toenail Trimming and feet check

  • Body Condition Scoring

  • Eye checks for anaemia (Mucous Membranes).

  • Vitamin drenches given (If provided and required by customer). 

  • Help & Advice with ongoing husbandry

  • Training to be able to do all of the above checks yourself.


Cost: £50 per hour (including VAT). 


We offer our services within Devon, Dorset & Somerset. Travel is included within half an hour distance from us (EX13 7QR).

There will be an additional charge of £10 per every half an hour of extra travel.


An Introduction to Alpaca Keeping
Full or Half Day

If you are thinking about keeping alpacas or have have recently started your alpaca journey this course is designed to offer you an enjoyable and complete introduction to the basics of Alpaca Keeping. 
We believe it is important for you to have as much knowledge as possible in order to be prepared for caring for these wonderful animals and they are fascinating to learn about!
We cover:
Basic daily husbandry,
Important care tasks throughout the year
Handling, haltering and walking your alpacas
Top questions and considerations to ask yourself and potential alpaca sellers before going ahead and choosing your alpacas.
Basics of alpaca breeding. 
Ideas for your alpaca fleece and how to get the best out of it. 
We keep our groups small and personal (maximum of four for a mixed group or six for a private group). This means we can tailor the session to you. 
We also include some reading and useful information to take away with you. 


Cost: £125 Full Day (Including Lunch) or £65 Half Day (Refreshments included). 

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